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EMF Protection for Your Home – Ultimate Guide

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve likely noticed there’s a lot of uproar about EMFs (electromagnetic fields which discharge radiation). It’s a hidden toxin that exists among us. This is because EMFs are a low-level yet adverse, exposure to radiation. That means we won’t feel their wrath in the form of severe health repercussions until decades down the road. Furthermore, the rapid evolution of technology ushers in increased levels of EMF radiation.

That’s why it’s vital to find ways to protect ourselves against these dangers. So, is shielding yourself from EMF radiation an easy feat? No!

But is it possible? Yes, once you’re armed with the right information. And as they say, knowledge is power! This article thereby takes an in-depth look at the best ways to protect your household against harmful EMF radiation.

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields are all around us. We can’t see them or hear them as they’re a mix of magnetic and electric fields that run perpendicularly to form an invisible wave.

They have low frequency and have been in existence long before us and will be around long after us. Being a vital component of nature, we receive most of our natural EMFs from the Earth coupled with the sun.

Then, the digital era arrived. The recent breakthroughs in technology, ranging from Wi-Fi, and 5G smartphones (article on 5G towers here) to microwave ovens, are leaving us susceptible to intense levels (high frequency) of EMFs. In turn, this welcomes a barrage of health risks.

Moreover, these harmful EMFs infiltrate the place you call home. You’re probably being irradiated by different EMFs as you read this article. Not a pleasant thought, is it? Luckily, there are tiptop measures you can take to protect your home. But first, let’s pinpoint the sources.

EMF sources

They’re categorized into two.

1. Natural sources:

Natural EMFs have been around for centuries. They include the:

  • Electric charges in the atmosphere result in thunderstorms
  • Earth’s magnetic field and ionizing radiation
  • Sun’s UV rays

2. Artificial (man-made) sources:

This is where EMF protection comes into play because these are the sources that bring about adverse health outcomes.

This is far from being a comprehensive list. Nonetheless, it paints a vivid picture of the most common artificial EMF sources that you should know about. Here’s an article on 5 electromagnetic energy examples you might not think about.

What are the dangers and repercussions of harmful EMF exposure?

Your body has electric coupled with magnetic functions that are unique. Think about some of the essential systems in your body; digestive, cardiac, nervous, and neural. EMFs play a vital role in their optimal functioning. Thus, the high frequencies that artificial EMFs emit interfere with this, ushering in symptoms such as:

  • Indigestion
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • The weakening of your immune system which elevates vulnerability to disease-causing micro-organisms.

Studies have shown that EMFs heat body tissues in the same way that microwave ovens do.  It’s a no-brainer that this isn’t good and leads to possible long-term health repercussions, as discussed below.

1. Children’s development

A child’s skull is notably tender compared to an adult. Furthermore, it contains greater fluid content. Therefore, this makes children more vulnerable to experiencing the negative effects of exposure, such as leukemia and thyroid cancer. This is as a result of the faster and easier absorption of the radiation into their brains.

2. Breast cancer

Breasts are a composition of fatty tissues. Thus, this facilitates the easier absorption of EMF radiation into your body. Studies have unveiled that women who put their cell phones in their bras skyrocket their likelihood of developing breast cancer.

3. Asthma

A study was conducted on 626 children aged over 13 years in Northern California. It unveiled that the exposure of pregnant women to magnetic fields that exceed 0.3mg elevates the possibility of their children later becoming asthmatic.

4. Male and female reproductive systems

Studies conducted at the Cleveland Clinic revealed that exposure to EMF radiation leads to low sperm count in men. Concurrently, in women, it results in a diminished number of ovary follicles, which ushers in infertility and damages their mitochondrial DNA.

5. 25% reduction in salivary antioxidants

A report shows that the EMF radiation that smartphones and tablets discharge has adverse effects on the antioxidants in your body. This may seem insignificant compared to the other detrimental health effects mentioned. But, what you may not realize is that saliva is vital in fighting off pathogens that attempt to enter your system. Failure to this leaves you susceptible to disease-causing microorganisms.

How is EMF measured?

Electromagnetic fields are measured in 3 ways:

1. AC magnetic fields

These refer to the low-frequency magnetic fields emanating from the wiring, gadgets, and electrical appliances in your household. They’re measured with a Gauss meter in milli-Gauss (mG). This handy gadget looks out for potentially harmful EMFs. For its effective usage, follow the steps below.

  • Keep an eye out for AC magnetic fields in the parts of your home where you spend a lot of time, for instance, your bedroom or the living room.
  • Scan all your devices with their respective chargers, electrical appliances, and the wall adjacent to your headboard.

Units below 0.2mG are safe, 0.2-1mG is relatively unsafe, and 1.1 to 5mG is at the extreme end of the spectrum.

2. Radio frequencies

Categorized as high-frequency, radio frequencies originate from microwave ovens, smartphones, tablets, cordless phones, baby monitors, smart meters, Bluetooth devices, and Wi-Fi routers.

To measure it, you’ll need a radio frequency (RF) meter, which does the computations in microwatts per meters squared. While these meters may not measure individual sources, they give accurate and collective measurements.

To pinpoint the RF hotspots in your home, follow the steps below.

  • Scan your home using the meter
  • Upon unveiling the RF sources, disconnect those emitting the highest frequency

Units below 0.10 pose no harm, above 0.10 till10 are slightly dangerous, and 11 to 1000 microwatts per m² are a major cause for concern.

3. Electrical fields

Coming from various AC power outlets, measuring electrical fields can be an uphill battle. This is also because your presence directly impacts the accuracy of the readings. Nonetheless, a multimeter does the trick. It’s a wondrous gadget that takes measurements in volts (V), of the Alternating Current (AC).

Thus, units below 0.1 are harmless, 0.1-2 should slightly raise your eyebrows in concern, and 2.1 to 15 will have you shaking in your boots.

4. Dirty Electricity

Also, known as electromagnetic interference (EMI), ‘dirty’ electricity is the catalyst for a temporary surge in voltage. Thus, if you have faulty wiring, shoddy appliances, and more, EMI will irradiate your home.

Nonetheless, for every problem, lies a solution. Using a Line Noise meter, you can detect EMI and install certain filters in your home that lessen dirty electricity.

The best EMF protection materials for your home

To safeguard your household effectively from the dangers of this silent killer known as EMF radiation, utilize any of these materials.

  • Copper: In the form of copper mesh, this is undeniably one of the most foolproof metals in EMF protection. It guards you against wavelength radio frequencies by shielding electrical coupled with magnetic waves. Nonetheless, keep in mind that copper doesn’t absorb EMF radiation but instead, blocks it.
  • Aluminum: It’s a beast in shielding the highest wavelength radiation since it’s a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, it creates a barrier known as a Faraday cage that aids in blocking out radio waves. As you know, microwave ovens emit EMF radiation that travels in straight lines. Aluminum thereby steps in and acts as the armor that blocks the emitted radiation from passing through a microwave oven.
  • Stainless steel: Exuding robustness, steel guards you from EMF radiation compared to any other shielding material. Thus, it should be at the top of your list.
  • Shungite: Black and lustrous, this stone constitutes more than 98% of carbon to mimic the shape of a sphere. This enables it to absorb then neutralize harmful EMF radiation.
  • Silver: As archaic as it is, silver packs a myriad of health benefits. For instance, it aids the circulation of essential hormones that strengthen your body’s immune system. Furthermore, it serves as an anti-radiation metal by reflecting EMF radiation that electric gadgets emit away from your body. For this reason, silver has been sewn into clothes as a blocking agent.
  • Stones: In addition to Shungite, other vital stones popularly used as shielding, neutralizing, and absorbing agents against EMF radiation are Magnetite and Tourmaline.

How do EMF protection devices work?

There are various ways to fight off EMF radiation. They entail blocking and deflecting, neutralization, or boosting your body’s immunity. Let’s explore some of the popular methods of action.

1. Measurable reduction

Synonymous with attenuation, this protection method controls the amount of radiation that seeps through to our bodies. Unless you reside in a Faraday cage, a full eradication isn’t possible. Therefore, reduction is the goal. It entails utilizing materials such as Shungite, Silver, and Aluminum. Moreover, you can measure its effects with a top-notch EMF meter.

2. Neutralization

Being immeasurable, this method requires you to take a leap of faith. This is because neutralization works by counteracting the toxic ions that EMFs emit with the safe ones discharged by the given source or material.

3. Boosting immunity

It entails elevating your body’s unique EMF to be able to fight off the adverse effects of artificial electromagnetic fields. To accomplish this, you’ll need to strengthen your natural frequency that’s the same as the Earth’s. This is called Schumann Resonance.

Top EMF protection ways

Below are the 3 types of reduction products for EMF protection.

1. Home protection

Once upon a time, dirty electricity or EMF radiation was the least of our worries. But, time changes everything. With the health repercussions cropping up from intense EMF exposure, it’s vital to make the sanctuary you call home a safe space from this pollution.

Achieving this thereby requires the utilization of anti-radiation drapes, paint, beddings, plug-ins, and more. Apart from these we can use some plants (Know more) that have anti radiation properties as well.

2. Device blocking

It involves minimizing your exposure to radiation-emitting sources such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops. To accomplish this, you’ll need shielded covers that block the entire spectrum of radiation that these sources discharge. If we’re using any high frequency router with 5GHz band then we need to cover it with anti radiation material because it’s emits more radiation than the normal one (Know why).

We should keep our phone turned off at night and keeping under a emf protective cloth if possible. Because even high range iPhones radiates while kept turned off!

3. Wearable protection

It entails investing in clothing or jewelry not only to wear in your home but also when you’re out and about to as a shielding mechanism from EMF radiation. Here’s a full guide to EMF protection clothing.

Types of EMF home protection devices

As discussed below, EMF protection devices or tools for your home function by deflecting, blocking, neutralizing, or absorbing the radiation that’s charging towards you. In doing so, this gives you the peace of mind you need in knowing that you’re safe from this radiation that’s ultimately detrimental to your health.

1. Jewelry

As they say, jewelry is art. It comes in different styles and types, ranging from necklaces, anklets, bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants. Therefore, the materials used to make anti-radiation jewelry are Shungite, Silver, and Tourmaline. What better way to enhance your beauty while safeguarding your health?

2. Shielded attire

It aids in the attenuation of EMF radiation by scattering photons as they attempt to seep into your body. Nonetheless, it’s essential to keep an eye out for the attire’s attenuation ability that is computed in decibels. Therefore, the greater the decibels, the more anti-radiation protection it offers you.

Pregnant women should especially invest in shielded attire, which comes in the form of belly bands, belly blankets, blouses, and many more. This is because EMF radiation has adverse health effects on the growth of their unborn babies. Check out our full article on EMF protection maternity clothes.

3. Tech protection

It aids in guarding against EMF radiation gadgets such as tablets, routers, laptops, and smartphones emit. Thus, it detects, draws away, and absorbs the radiation that’s racing towards you.

4. Protection Clothing

EMF protection clothing provides a layer of protection between you and the outside world. Most products weave a layer of silver in the fabric, which reflects the electromagnetic waves instead of penetrating it.

5. Smart meters shields

These are the small devices that power companies use to remotely monitor the electricity consumption in your home. Learn more about smart meters in this article. While this saves the utility companies a ton of money, it leaves homeowners susceptible to toxic EMF radiation. Nonetheless, a smart meter shield is your knight in shining armor, as it’ll literally save your life. This wondrous gadget fits over the smart meter like a glove and serves as an excellent RF radiation absorber.

Read our article on Smart Meter Shields to protect your home.

6. Bed canopy

If protecting your home with EMF blocking paint or fabrics isn’t feasible, then a simple and viable solution is a bed canopy. For starters, it’s not permanent, which means you can move with it if the need to change homes arises. Secondly, bed canopies offer EMF protection in your bedroom, which is where you get your much-needed beauty rest.

Just like Faraday Cages that became an innovation in the 1800s courtesy of Michael Faraday, bed canopies block EMFs. While this technology was invented to shield electrical devices from EMI, the protection mechanism is just as efficient in shielding you from the repercussions of EMF radiation. Coated with metallic wire mesh, bed canopies serve as repellents to this radiation that disrupts your sleeping patterns. And as they say, sleep is the golden chain that links your body because it’s the catalyst for cell rejuvenation and regeneration.

Shield Your Body makes a high-quality canopy. It’s not inexpensive but it’s made of 100% silver so it’s top quality.

7. EMF shielding paint

It protects the sanctuary you call home from EMF radiation and is applied just like regular paint. Once it dries, you have free rein to coat it with any color and brand of generic paint.

8. Home plug-ins

Once jerked into the power outlets in your home, these plug-ins whip out frequencies that overcome the harmful ones emitted by your gadgets and electrical appliances.

For instance, EMF adapters serve as an all-in-one solution for the neutralization of toxic radiation. They absorb your home’s electrical circuit and uniformly transmit corrective signals.

9. Stickers

Anti-radiation stickers are easy to use and have an adhesive backside that effortlessly grips onto any surface. Thus, sticking them on the EMF sources in your home is a great protection method that doesn’t interfere with their functionality.

The best ways to guard your home against EMF radiation

EMF radiation exposure is at an all-time high courtesy of the barrage of gadgets and electronics that we use in our homes for living conveniences. Therefore, to limit this exposure, the first course of action is to shelter your home.

Fortunately, there’s an array of effective products and methods you can utilize that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some of the best. Read on!

1. Airplane mode is your friend

Mobile phones are everywhere. They’re convenient for communicating with people and allow you to gain access to a boatload of information on the internet. But, this is a double-edged sword as this convenience ushers in the constant radiation absorption to your body. Nonetheless, there’s an easy fix to this danger: airplane mode.

Putting your device on airplane mode when not in use puts the emission of dangerous EMF radiation to a halt. This is an essential yet cost-free way of protecting you and your home from this dangerous emission.

Furthermore, children should be deterred from handling tablets or smartphones unless they’re in airplane mode. This is because exposure to EMF radiation stunts the growth of their fragile and developing brains.

2. Keep the circuit breaker off at night

You’ve probably heard the famous quote, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise.” This proves how vital sleep is for your overall wellbeing. EMF radiation sources disrupt sleeping patterns. Therefore, switching off the circuit breaker when you hit the hay is an ideal way of cutting off any EMFs.

Nonetheless, this may not be a feasible solution for everyone. Before going to sleep, you could opt to switch off your Wi-Fi router and keep all tech devices out of your bedroom.

3. Ditch your microwave

It’s no secret that microwaves use radiation to heat food and beverages. But, what most people fail to realize is that some of this radiation escapes in the process. So, an ideal way of cutting down on this EMF radiation exposure is to get rid of your microwave altogether.

However, if this isn’t your last resort, then you can refrain from standing in the kitchen while your microwave is in use and unplug it when it’s not in use.

4. Switch to analog meters

There’s a rapid rise in the number of analog meters being replaced with smart meters in homes, without the approval of homeowners. This is because smart meters make monitoring power consumption a walk in the park for utility companies.

But, studies show that smart meters constantly discharge high levels of EMF radiation compared to the conventional analog meters that are notably safer. Thus, if a smart meter is yet to be installed in your home, then it’s in your best interest to refute it.

The beauty of this is that the installation of these meters isn’t compulsory. So, if one has already been installed, then you can have it removed and replaced with its analog counterpart. However, if you’re at your wit’s end, you could use a smart meter shield that diminishes the EMF radiation emissions in your home.

5. Corded landlines are a keeper

Most people have a family member, friend, or acquaintance with a conventional yellow landline tucked away in their attic, garage, or basement. As archaic as sounds, that old landline that’s somewhere collecting dust could mean the difference between life and death. This is because reverting to corded landlines is a quick and simple way to significantly lower the EMF radiation exposure in your home.

The convenience and mobility that wireless phones provide have become second nature in this digital era. Nonetheless, is it worth putting yourself in dire straits when you’re battling a plethora of illnesses as a result of adverse radiation exposure that could’ve easily been avoided?

6. Use Ethernet cables

Switch to using Ethernet cords. This will enable you to hardwire your computer or laptop to your cable modem. These cords aid in connecting your home computer to your router without using wireless technology that emits high levels of EMF radiation.

Check out this article on getting wired internet throughout your house and even up to the second story.

7. Window EMF shields

Most people may not be aware that EMF radiation seeps into your home through the windows. Thus, anti-radiation window films that have a silver or copper coating largely eliminate this.

8. Stainless steel mesh

Not all homes have plastered walls that are effective in blocking EMF radiation. If you’re in this predicament, the addition of stainless steel mesh will guard your home against this silent killer: EMF radiation.

9. Anti-radiation fabric

Having this wondrous garment sitting above all the EMF radiation sources in your home will have you teeming with joy in knowing that you’re safe. Just like a mirror, this fabric reflects harmful radiation away from you, back to the sources.

Review our guide on the EMF blocking fabrics.

10. Improved lighting

Get rid of harsh lighting in your home, which includes the popular fluorescent light bulbs. Not only do these disrupt your sleeping pattern, but also have serious repercussions on your health. Being a major contributor to ‘dirty electricity’, this type of lighting emits high EMF radiation levels.

11. Anti-radiation frame liners

As a cheaper, subtle, artistic, and simpler substitute for EMF shielding paint, these liners block harmful radiation by over 90%. They enable you to frame posters or pictures and then hang them up on the walls of your home, particularly those with the most devices and electronics plugged in.

12. Flat surface shields

Designed to be placed on flat surfaces around your home, these shields deflect harmful EMF radiation away from you. Furthermore, they exude flexibility as you can modify them to your desired shape and size.

13. Use low EMF dryers

Find it hard to function without your hairdryer? Then you’re probably not aware that this handy device discharges up to 20,000 Milligauss (mG). To get a better understanding of this in context, microwave ovens emit approximately 500mG of EMFs at the same proximity. Makes you want to reevaluate certain aspects of your life, doesn’t it?

A hairdryer draws a lot of power to operate. What’s even worse is that its heater is dangerously close to your head while you’re drying your hair. This directly exposes your head to the high levels of EMF radiation. While switching to a fan is a good alternative, simply drying your hair with a towel is even better.

Nevertheless, if living without your hairdryer is like squeezing water out of a stone, then you can limit its use. For instance, if you use a dryer five days per week, you can cut it down to three.

Furthermore, there are low EMF hair dryers. Designed on infrared technology, these gadgets lower the drying time, thereby significantly reducing the overall radiation exposure in your home.

Read the guide to the best low EMF hair dryers in this article.

14. Avoid wireless chargers

As a new type of technology, wireless chargers utilize EMFs to transmit energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction. Despite wireless charging putting less strain on your phone’s charging port, among other benefits, these handy gadgets elevate EMF radiation in your home even when they’re inactive.

15. Switch off antennas

Without realizing, there are plenty of times when you’ll have your phone enabled for Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular data, simultaneously. So, when you’re at home, for instance, you can switch off your mobile data and connect to Wi-Fi, or vice versa.

Doing so will prevent your phone from constantly scanning for nearby cell towers to connect to. In turn, this lowers your exposure to EMF radiation.

16. Get rid of your digital clock radio

Plugged-in digital clocks usually contain flimsy transformers. Your alarm clock only needs 9 volts to function. So, connecting it to a 120-volt circuit system leads to the remaining voltage being emitted as energy, coupled with heat.

Now, picture all this extra EMF radiation seeping into your head every night and the possible long-term damage it’ll do to your brain. Makes you cringe, right? Moreover, most digital clock radios contain two-wire mains in place of grounded three-wire cables, resulting in higher levels of EMF emissions. This leads to adverse health effects in the long run.

And, if you’re thinking of using your cell phone alarm as an alternative, then here’s a shocker. It emits even higher EMF levels, more so, when it’s by your bedside and connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Instead, invest in the archaic battery-operated alarm clocks. With no in-built clock radios, you can safely place itwithin an arm’s reach and sleep soundly knowing that it won’t emit RF radiation.

17. Repositioning your bed

It may be impossible to entirely disable power to your bedroom during bedtime, for instance, if your smoke detector is linked to the circuit. However, repositioning your bed in such a way that there’s no power outlet adjacent to your head, is a viable option in EMF protection.

Plugged-in devices emanate magnetic and electrical fields even when they’re not actively in use. So, if your bedroom has sufficient space, reposition your bed towards the center, away from all the walls by up to 3 feet.

Your bed should also be at an arm’s length away from washing machines, electric meters, circuit breakers, and refrigerators, as these give off the highest level of radiation.

18. ‘Smart’ homes aren’t the smartest ideas

Having a wealth of devices in your home, including those linked to your mobile network or WiFiushers in intense EMF radiation exposure. Taking the ‘old school’ route with your appliances as opposed to the latest ‘smart’ TV, for instance, will protect you from the long term health effects of this harmful exposure.

‘Smart’ devices are built with wireless antennas that constantly pulsate Ultra High Frequency (UHF) microwave radiation. This then welcomes adversities such as irregular sleep patterns, elevated heart rate, and infertility.

So, while the thought of being able to control the lights in your home with one touch of a button may have you teeming with excitement, these apparent conveniences roll in long-term health risks.

19. Avoid digital baby monitors

The multitude of baby monitors available today is digital and wireless. Moreover, they use DECT technology that’s a high emitting source of EMF radiation. So, unbeknownst to you, putting a baby monitor in your infant’s room constantly bombards them with pulsating microwave radiation.

20. Salt lamps

Carved from Himalayan Pink salt, these lamps boost immunity and get rid of airborne pollutants in your home. What’s even better is that they churn out negative ions. These have an array of benefits such as easing allergies and asthma, improved sleep patterns, and, most importantly, EMF protection.

So what’s the relation between EMF radiation and negative ions? Well, Wi-Fi routers, phones, laptops, and other gadgets emit positive ions. Therefore, negative ions counteract the positive ones, hence neutralizing EMF.

It starts with you

Using the above methods will protect your home from toxic EMF radiation. But, the initiative starts with you. Make your home a happy and safe space, and you’ll surely reap the fruits of a longer, healthier life. What other methods do you use to protect your home from the dangers of EMF? Let me know!


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