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Does Shungite Really Work Against Blocking EMF Radiation?

In the world we live in today, it is virtually impossible to escape electromagnetic (EMF) radiation. Unless, of course, you’re willing to give up modern civilization and move to the woods.

As more people become aware of the dangers of EMF, they are looking for ways to protect themselves that don’t involve having to give up the comforts of life. If you are one of those people looking for ways to minimize your exposure levels, then you’ve likely come across Shungite.

Different people have differing opinions on its effectiveness with regards to whether or not it works against blocking EMF radiation. This guide takes an in-depth look at the substance to establish whether you can rely on it to block EMF radiation.

What Is Shungite?

Shungite is an ancient black, lustrous rock mineral that was first discovered in the Shunga village in the Karelia region of Russia. Although the mineral was first discovered in the 1800s, Shungite is believed to be as old as the earth itself. It has been in our nature for several billion years.

Its composition comprises more than 98% carbon. It also has small quantities of fullerene, which is a type of carbon with large spherical-shaped molecules. Each of these consists of 60 or more atoms clustered together to form a hollow cage.

Fullerene has powerful anti-oxidant properties and has numerous applications in nano-technologies. Even though the composition of Shungite comprises mainly carbon, the term has evolved to denote products that contain some amount of the mineral. These belong to any one of the following categories:

  1. 90 to 100% carbon content
  2. 45 to 90% carbon content
  3. 20 to 45% carbon content
  4. 10 to 20% carbon content
  5. <10% carbon content

The higher the amount of carbon the product contains, the pricier it will be. This should be a good indicator as to whether or not you’re buying true Shungite. In some cases, Shungite is classified according to its luster. So, you might come across stores that sell semi-bright, bright, semi-dull, or dull Shungite.

Shungite blocks emf radiation, that’s true but is it enough to guard non ionising radiation? Elite shungite or noble shungite is well known for their antioxidant properties. Its crystal healing properties has made it a miracle stone in China, specially.

Its unique structure absorbs microwaves and its shielding properties against electromagnetic radiation is relevant. In a few scientific research experiments shungite’s ability to resist radio waves from mobile phones and other electronic devices has already been established.

In search of antiradiation elements, scientists have discovered material. It also absorbs toxins from body and makes us stress free. It naturally efficient to capture free molecule energy from body to make it free from stress. Sometimes we wonder to see the health benefits and its healing ability to capture energy waves from human body.

There’re smart meters to check free ion in our blood. Checking with small amounts of blood, before and after healing get us astonishing result. It’s exactly like what we believed. By checking waves coming from electronic devices (including phones)and wireless devices it protects us from developing cancer like syndromes in humans.

Even if we search for natural healing material for human body today, then also name of shungite stones will come first.

Shungite Formation

Many theories surround the origin of this precious mineral. On the one hand, some scientists believe that an ancient ocean existed somewhere in the region that is modern-day North-Western Russia.

Over time, the unusually high number of microscopic organisms that inhabited these waters died, and their deposits formed on the seafloor. Due to the biological nature of these organisms along with the shifting of the earth’s crust over time, these deposits shifted onto land and settled in one area to form the rock.

On the other hand, a different faction of the scientific world believes that the mineral deposits are the result of a space meteorite that landed in the region eons ago. This appears to be a more plausible explanation given its high concentration in one area as well as its high carbon composition.

Regardless of its mysterious origins, there’s one thing elite shungite that everyone can agree on. Shungite is an amazing mineral with unique abilities that are seemingly out of this world.

What Is Shungite Used For

The rock mineral has numerous proven medical benefits too. It’s important to emphasize that any health-related decisions you make should be made after consulting with a medical professional. If you are pregnant or have an existing condition for which you are taking medication, please speak with your physician first to discuss any adverse effects the rock might have on your existing condition.

Without further ado, here are some of the top uses of Shungite.

Water Purification

There are different ways you can purify water to make it safe to use. Some of the most popular techniques include using chlorine drops, ultraviolet light exposure, boiling the water, and even using iodine.

While these methods are effective in ensuring that the water is made safe for consumption, they all have some downsides to them that could be doing more harm than good. For starters, they increase the number of heavy metals and salts present in the water.

In addition to this, the quality of the water is not only degraded, but the introduction of chemicals may also have adverse side effects on human health. The methods also cause a notable increase in the number of salts present in the water.

Why Shungite Is a Better Alternative

Shungite provides a much safer risk-free alternative compared to other water purification techniques. This is partly the reason why its popularity has grown exponentially in recent times.

Placing the rock mineral in water and letting it sit there for a couple of days purifies it to produce “Shungite water.” This technique dates back to the reign of Czar Peter of Russia. He would use this method to purify water for his soldiers and eventually established the first-ever spa in the region. It was located near the rock deposits in Karelia.

This method of purifying water has become so popular that it is now being adopted in the manufacture of modern-day filtration systems. Numerous studies have been conducted to test the powerful antibacterial properties of Shungite. In one instance, harmful bacteria were introduced to water that had the rock mineral in it.

After an hour had gone by, the concentration of these bacteria was tested. The results revealed a substantial reduction in their numbers in that short period. Aside from cleaning bacteria from dirty water, the stones can also remove heavy metals, chlorine, and nitrates from it. This plays a huge role in not only reducing the potential side effects of consuming water that contains these elements, but it also improves its taste.

Treatment of Illnesses

The benefits of Shungite aren’t limited to purifying water. Many naturopaths and healers use the mineral to cure a myriad of different types of ailments. Some of these include headaches, fatigue, different allergies, cold and flu symptoms, heart disease, liver and kidney issues, and many others. Taking the mineral water is believed to promote general wellbeing.

How to Make Shungite Water

To reap the benefits of Shungite water, you first need to learn how to make it the right way. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Get Your Hands on Some High-Quality Shungite Rocks

At the risk of stating the obvious, good quality Shungite water depends on the quality of the rocks you use for the process. This is essential if you want to make mineral water that has healing properties.

Find a place that sells the raw stones. These contain high carbon. You might come across Shungite that’s been carved into different shapes to enhance its aesthetic appeal or others used in pendants. Using them might not get you the results you desire. The idea is to get high-quality rocks that contain an abundant amount of fullerenes.

Step 2: Clean the Rocks

When purchasing the raw stones, they almost always have a small amount of dirt on them. Before you can use the stones to make drinking water, it’s important to ensure that you clean them thoroughly.

The best way to do this would be to first place the stones in a bowl before adding filtered water to them. Next, take a small brush and gently scrub them while they’re still submerged in the water.

Pour out the dirty water and replace it with fresh water and repeat the process until the water no longer contains any impurities resulting from scrubbing the stones. Alternatively, you can also place the rocks in boiling water to remove any impurities they might have.

Step 3: Prepare the Shungite Water

Once you have clean stones to work with, the final step in the process involves making the water. Take the stones you cleaned and place them in a container that has the water you intend to purify.

The rule of thumb is to use about 10 stones for every 10 gallons of water. You can always use more if you like, but 10 should suffice. Leave the water to rest for at least 12 hours before drinking it.

For best results, experts recommend leaving the stones overnight. Finally, remove the stones and drink your mineral-rich water!

Shungite for Blocking EMF Radiation

One of the stone’s numerous attributes is its ability to protect against the harmful effects of EMF radiation. It absorbs and neutralizes high frequency electromagnetic radiation, frequencies effectively blocking those harmful rays and protecting the body from their dangerous effects.

EMF radiation protection properties of Shungite come from the fullerenes it contains in its composition. There’s virtually no other mineral in existence that contains these hollow carbon molecules. Scientists believe that their structure gives it its EMF-blocking capabilities. Before the Nobel prize-winning team of scientists discovered them, the existence of fullerenes in nature had not been proven though there’re a lot of crystals which feature anti radiation properties.

How Shungite Is Used for EMF Protection

To understand how the stones absorb and neutralize EMF energy, you first need to understand what differentiates them from other carbon substances. The hollow nature of the fullerenes in Shungite makes it more fluid and reactive to numerous substances that come into contact with it.

This isn’t the case with other forms of carbon like graphite or diamond whose structures render them more stable and, therefore, non-reactive. Fullerenes not only attract, absorb and neutralize negative forms of energy, but they also create a “force field” around carbon-based elements like humans, plants and animals. Other carbon elements cannot. Fullerenes give it some level of EMF-resistance, which works to absorb and block electromagnetic radiation.

Testing for EMF

To test out the radiation-resisting properties of the stone, you first need to get your hands on good quality Shungite and an EMF meter. The meter should be able to test for all the different categories electromagnetic frequencies of EMF radiation, that is, electric, magnetic, and radiofrequency (RF).

There are different types of mineral products available, so find one that works well for you. Take the EMF meter readings in your environment before and after you start using the stone.

These should give you a pretty accurate side-by-side comparison to know whether a particular product works for you or if you’ll need to switch to another one. The higher the carbon it contains, the more effective it will be in protecting you against EMF radiation due to the high concentration of fullerenes contained.

Also, pay attention to how you feel. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of EMF radiation than others. Aside from the obvious damage to the body’s nervous system, some people also exhibit physical symptoms associated with prolonged exposure to EMF radiation. Some of these include:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Sleep disturbances like insomnia
  • Constant fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Memory issues
  • Dizziness
  • Increased irritability
  • Anxiety and restlessness

Observe how you feel before you start using the stones and record whether your symptoms improve after using the mineral. If you notice an improvement in your symptoms, then it is likely that the product is making a positive difference to your wellbeing.

Choosing the Right Shungite Products for EMF Protection

What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. Simply because someone you know is raving about how wonderful a particular product is for them doesn’t mean that it’ll have the same effects on you. You need to consider what level of radiation you’re exposed to and which gadgets are responsible for it. Some of the devices that emit the highest amount of EMF radiation include:

Smartphones and Laptops

A smartphone wouldn’t be so “smart” without internet-capability. This is partly what amplifies the level of EMF radiation they emit. They need to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when browsing the internet or sharing files with other wireless devices too.

Their internal composition contains parts that are designed to take electromagnetic fields and amplify these signals to increase their range of connectivity. While this is great for ensuring that you’re always online, most people aren’t aware of the adverse effects this increased EMF exposure has on their health.

In the world we live in, smartphones are always close at hand. There’s no escaping the EMF radiation they emit. Even if you decided to do away with yours, you’d always be around many others in the apartment complex you live in, on the bus, at work, in your favorite coffee shop, on the subway, virtually all around.

Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi has the uncanny ability to go through walls. The fact that routers don’t get turned off at night means that you are exposed 24/7. You may find it interesting why we should turn off Wifi at night. Most homes have them installed, which means that you not only have to worry about your router emitting EMF but those of your neighbors too.

You’re especially at a higher risk if you live in an apartment complex where you have EMF radiation coming at you from all directions. You also run the risk of exposure at your place of work if it has WiFi round the clock.


Owning a tablet increases your exposure levels tenfold. Tablets have three main radiation sources, that is, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections. The fact that they are designed to have touchscreens doesn’t help much either.

This requires you to be in direct contact with the radiation to be able to use the device. This is especially concerning given their prevalent use among young children. It puts them at a higher risk of developing related health complications later on in life.

Home Appliances

It’s hard to imagine life without microwave ovens. They are economical, easy to use, and heat your food quickly. There’s also the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about your food burning if you leave it in there for too long.

However, convenient as microwave ovens might be, they emit an unusually high amount of RF radiation that could have adverse effects on your health in the long run. If you can’t do away with microwave ovens, then you need to devise a way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the EMF radiation they emit.

Must-Have Shungite Products to Block EMF Radiation

The type of product you choose to go with depends on the electronic gadget that you use the most. For instance, does your line of work require you to be on your laptop for the greater majority of your day?

Does your job require you to spend copious amounts of time making phone calls on your smartphone? Perhaps you use the microwave a lot to cook and heat food for your family at home. Whatever the case may be, there’s a Shungite product designed for that very purpose to minimize the level of EMF radiation you’re exposed to.

Here are some great options to consider.

Shungite Pyramid

When in doubt, go for a Shungite pyramid. They are made from large singular stones that are shaped into pyramids. The shape enhances the simultaneous absorption and neutralization of harmful electromagnetic radiation coming from multiple directions, therefore, providing effective protection against dangerous electromagnetic fields

Aim to get a product that has high carbon since it also means that the concentration of fullerenes will be higher. Fullerenes are responsible for the EMF resistance properties of Shungite.

For best results, place these pyramids near a constant source of EMF radiation such as your Wi-Fi router, your microwave oven, your laptop, etc. The more of these stones you have around you, the less ambient threat you’ll be exposed to.

Shungite Plate for Smartphones and Tablets

The beauty of Shungite material is its ability to absorb harmful EMF exposure without altering or attenuating the quality or strength of the signal. Waves emitted by smartphones or cell phones is particularly harmful, given that most people use them by placing them directly against their heads.

Researchers have since found a link between cell phone use and the development of glioma. The study revealed that in most cases, the brain tumor developed on the side of the head that the subjects frequently used to speak on their phone.

Shungite plates are small functional disks that you place at the back of your cell phone or tablet and then use it like you normally would. While they may not block 100% of the EMF radiation emitted by your mobile device, they certainly absorb a considerable amount of it.

Shungite Jewellery

A black shungite stone necklace surrounded by three shungite bracelets on a wooden table

What better way to protect yourself against EMF, than to adorn yourself with Shungite jewelry? This method makes the most sense since it provides a constant level of protection against ambient threat.

There are earrings you can wear to absorb and neutralize high intensity waves targeted at your brain. You can also get pendants and necklaces to keep your heart and lungs safe from the dangerous effects of EMF. Wearing Shungite bracelets also offers some level of protection for your nervous system and bloodstream. It certainly helps that Shungite is a lustrous black stone which makes for very alluring jewelry.

Shungite Tiles

If you want to take your EMF protection efforts a notch higher, then you could consider integrating it in your home décor by getting Shungite tiles. They come in both polished and unpolished variants, which make it ideal for flooring or wall tiling.

If that sounds like it’s out of your price range, you could get a customized workstation or table-top made out of Shungite tiles. That way, you can place your router, laptop, microwave, or any EMF-emitting gadget on the tile surface to shield you from radiation

The Proof is in the Carbon Content

When all is said and done, the effectiveness of Shungite in blocking EMF radiation all boils down to the carbon it contains and the type of product you’re using. For instance, if you come across products like “Shungite paint,” “Shungite clothes,” or “Shungite laptop shield,” that’ll likely be a waste of your money.

Get a product that incorporates actual Shungite stones. The rock is only effective in guarding against EMF radiation if it is used in its entire form. So, if you don’t see the actual stones integrated into an item, then you’re still vulnerable to the harmful effects of radiation. Are you concerned about exposure from your mobile gadget? Read this Apple Watch EMF Radiation Guide to learn if you need to worry.


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